Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movement and Contentment

This morning, while sitting out on the balcony looking out at fog blanketed Bellingham Bay, my mind settled on the word, "Home". Around me was, a Christmas tree in a bright orange 5 gallon bucket waiting to be hung up, a little red tricylce, the bbq with some utensils still hanging on it, squash nestled up next too a little decorative lantern on the table, my planter of mint, and the birdhouse (which has yet to house a bird). It was most definitely not perfect out there on the porch. Not the type of scene you would see on a design website or in a magazine. I sat in a green camping chair. And I was home. Coffee in hand and husband inside making breakfast, I breathed in deep and realized that although there has been so much movement around us this past few weeks; of furniture, people, and places, we are in a place that we love and trust that it is exactly where God has us for now. We can rest in that instead of looking ahead to what's next or what's better.

The Movement:

Three Trees has officially shut it's doors: An era in downtown Bellingham's world has ened. The Three Trees Coffee Shop is closed. Envisions's Ministries (the Christian ministry funding the place) is still alive and well and the church will still meet on Sunday evenings but the downtown livingroom is gone. So many times the characters that frequent that place have come up in my writing and will continue to in my heart always. It was the type of place where anyone, from anywhere, with any story to tell could find a spot at a table...and be heard. The Coffee shop also has a unshakable spot in my heart as it is where Cameron and I met...the first place that I saw this oddball artist sculpting stone at a table in the corner. We will miss you Trees.

The Meyers are in the little room again: We have a housemate again! It's fun to truly live life in community with others. There are challenges of course as you walk alongside new folks but too many positives out weigh any negatives, that we adopted a friend as a roomie. This did put us back on the south side of the house into the smaller room (with no view) but to be able to walk out to the kitchen and gaze out the huge window at the mountains is nothing to complain about.

Friends are awaiting their house closing: Our dear friends are still waiting for their pending home buying extravaganza to end. Meaning: they are anxiously awaiting being allowed to move into the house they are buying. For now, they live here too. Musical beds is the name of the game! Shuffling suitcases and mattress...pulling out sofa beds and cramming the fridge as full as we can.

Kids have new bunkbeds: The kids have bunkbeds! Quickly they were turned into a cave with sheets up and Christmas light strung around them. For 2 (pretty hip and cool) teenagers, they did great impressions of little kids having a blast playing in a make believe fort. We hope eventually for the kids to each have their own room but this is where we are right now...and they seem to be okay with it. The only complaint I heard was over who's mattress was more comfortable.

The Contentment:

We get creative, and have fun doing it. A few nights ago, I got overwhelmed with all the movement and the people and the changes. The only solution was to climb in bed, watch some TV and go to sleep. Some nights are like that. But since then...people have settled in and slowed down into a smoother rythmn. I can enjoy the funny things when people live in close quarters and can run around at the park across the street and play tag (yes, I still play tag) Man, am I thankful to have a 7 year old step daughter who loves to play tag!

We cook great meals, sit down together discussing...well, tonight it was Pink FLoyd, wreath design, and memory foam). Kids are eager to make Chai Tea concentrate and deep friend cherries and have curry on wheat thins.

Saturdays can be spent snow shoeing up at Mount Baker and a seriously dynamic father daughter duo can have a blast together jumping off snowy hills that stodgy-step mom (hah) is too nervous to slide down on her bum.

God is Good. Cam and I have gotten into the habit of listening to Tim Keller online; his sermons are fantastic! The other night as I sunk into my pillow, Kellar was explaining how the Goodness of God frees us from worry. God is not only the only one who truly knows what we need, He is the only one with the ca to give it to us. We ask so many others, and bang our heads against every wall trying to get it for ourselves. He knows and He gives. He is Good and He Loves us. Simple truths really but the implications of believing these are stunning. At least I have been stunned at the many ways and many circumstances that I practically don't believe. But we grow. This year, God has challenged me in completely new follow Him into the unknown, trusting that He is Good, and He loves us.

Accepting HOME this morning was a new acceptance of His goodness and provision, not just some wonderful "self discovery" or anything. It was His grace allowing me to see where He has us. Thank God....for all of this.