Wednesday, December 2, 2009


*The Blyde River Canyon. Panorama Style--sorry it's so shrunken.

*Some friends at the Yearly TLF Retreat-Tumi, Grace, and Freddie!
*The girls! Also at the retreat; Siri, Maren, Rebecca, Me, Relienne
*One of the little boys I made friends with at the retreat, Mike!

*Bathle-this picture is extremely
accurate-arms ready to knock something over, sticky face!

*Mac Mac falls;one of the lookouts we could actually see on the road trips up north.

*The biggest Baobab tree in Africa (at least that's what they claim) Yes, that's me inside of it!

*Eva, Marlena, Carlotta, and I at the lookout over they Blyde River Canyon. So beautiful!

New blog to come very soon. As in the next two days or so!

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