Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Pleasures

This last week was about the simple things. Generic and cliche as it is, I am breathing them in deeply. During the next few weeks, there will be more transitions and new possibilities so easy days and pretty views are cherished. There will be nothing profound here just some snapshots of things that have made me smile recently:

1. Open Mic Night at the Three Trees: There will be only 1 of these left before the place closes its doors and is transformed into a tavern (guh, just what this college town needs)This has been an incredible place for so many, becoming the downtown "livingroom," and meeting place. Here are Mitch and Ken version of "Down on the Delta"

2. My collection. Until a few days ago, I didn't know that I collected anything. But I do. Small bud vases. They are just pretty. Dusk is especially fancy when viewed through the antique glass. Other than my lovely man, they are the first thing I see when I wake up and look out the window at what the day may hold.

3. Date Night & Concerts in general. Cam and I went to see The Cave Singers, an accidental Seattle band who put one quite a show Friday Night. In true Bellingham fashion, there were LOTS of beards, flannel, ski caps, and brown boots. Lead singer played the melodica. That's fun. Also fun was watching Cameron react to somehow ending up behind the bounciest, loudest, flalingest two girls in the crowd. She stomped his toes with her (very cute) brown boots. I laughed (while i tried to not), she laughed (obliviously), and he smiled (that sarcastic, "i love this" type of smile). We had fun!

4. A window with a view. This never gets old. Each night displays different colors and patterns. They are especially crisp and bright this time of year. Nuff said.

5. Mucky walks on Sehome Hill, giggling to myself about all the dingleberries on the bushes. Since it's almost Thanksgiving it seems about the right time to decorate the house for Christmas so I went foraging. Holly branches, check. Cedar branches, check. Spruce branches, check. Dingleberries (hehehe) check. Just enough to home make a wreath (it ended up just a evergreen mustache with a bow, but looks just as festive on the front door). Being that I live in Bellingham which is an extremely environmentally conscious town, while walking i was preparing my defense in case I encountered someone personally offended that innocent branches were being snipped from unsuspecting trees. My approach: only clipping one off of each tree. A longer walk, but that was just fine on the chilly, frosty, perfect day.

For now, that's it. The aim is contentment and these things help. Trying to just find moments and images each day and let them soak in.

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  1. Ohhh, I love this SO much, dear Robin. :-) I shall be chuckling about dingleberries for a long time to come. They made my brothers and I laugh when we lived in WA too. :-) Love the simple pleasures of your life, my friend. :-)