Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to tell the tales

Some photos may do more justice in telling some stories than I can this time. The city is beautiful and as I was walking across town this morning to pick up some boxes of condoms to hand out to the women on the street (by the way, you'll get very interesting reactions walking down the crowded sidewalks with two big boxes of condoms), it started to sink in how much I really am enjoying this city. I'm thinking of starting a "You Know you're in Pretoria when...." list. :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Siri and I are heading to Durban this evening on an overnight bus for a short trip to the coast! East meets Africa.

Shoot. The BloG master must be on holiday. Photos are not uploading. I"ll try facebook.
If you're not already my friend on there...find me!

P.S. here in the city people have come up with a new line to use on passersby..."Add me" yes, as in add me as your friend on facebook. Really people...let's not get crazy?!

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