Wednesday, February 23, 2011

to resume

…..To Resume.....

Rather than trying to fill in every gap in the last 6 months of life here in Bellingham. I think I will just give a brief overview of the main happenings, in a few different categories. Mostly, this is a chance to let anyone still interested know that the Ibhuloho blog is back in action! That word, which originally came to mind (thanks probably to the Holy Spirit), meaning, “a bridge” truly proved to be a theme carrying through the entire year in South Africa. Funnily enough, that theme is translating also into life in America. More on this coming up later in this post.

From then until now:

Days in the first few months were long and overwhelming. There is no way to describe what exactly was overwhelming about them other than to say, everything. I did not know how to deal with the normal daily demands. After a few months of living in Pretoria I had adjusted to the stresses and joys of each day there, but apparently hadn't retained my ability to function in the US. Cameron was adjusting too and the two of us made quite an emotional pair. We felt like little emotional tornados who occasionally bumped into the people around us or others. Some times, and these were the best, we were one tornado, understanding and whirling with each other able to understand and assist the other in trying to move forward not just spin in one place.

Obviously we've made it. And things are wonderful now. We're getting married!! Cameron was brave enough to propose on Christmas Eve, up on the rooftop where we had our first date 1 ½ years earlier. He offered me a gorgeous, C.CrispuloMeyer original green amber ring and I fanatically accepted.

Some highlights since coming home have been:

A Meyer family camping trip to Gold Basin. We played in the clay, hiked to the ice caves, and cooked some delicious meals on cast iron over the camp fire. The kids collected licorice root and we drank as much “licorice root tea” as we could swallow.

Monday night, cooking club. Also known as the Culinary Experimentation Club headed up by our friend Darren, Krista, my new roomate Kat, and Cameron. These have been lovely evenings of creating new, fun foods and some old classics. To check out the successes, look at Christa's wonderful food and travel blog: She has gorgeous pictures and captivating stories of a winter all over the world and some yummy home cooked meals we've concocted right here in the Northwest.

Re-exploring this amazing town, the “City of Subdued Excitement.” Cameron and I have had a good time seeing this city again, together! The walk to boulevard is a favorite, the Blue Horse cafe has a great jazz night at their art gallery, we chill at the Three Trees Coffee Shop, and forage at the local second hand shops for treasures or materials for projects.

Getting reconnected with the community at Redeemer Church. Some good friends that I left welcomed us both back with wide open arms and a sparked interest in the issue of Human Trafficking, in our community and abroad. God has been doing a great work here. When we first returned from South Africa, the hope was to get involved in some work that was being done in Bellingham in regard to countering human trafficking, but what we found was that most everyone who was participating in work was going down to Seattle to do that work. It is happening here though! Six months of praying, talking with people, looking around, and thinking has brought us to a place where we, along with our friend Laura Converse will be starting an organization called, The Bridges Coalition. Again, more on this at the end of the blog.

A Christmas trip to Vancouver. Some failed attempts to find Salsa dancing and live music left Cameron and I eating corn chips, drinking home made rum and coke, and dancing in the living room looking out over a lit up Vancouver.

Working a “normy” job again. 8-4 as a receptionist in a drug and alcohol recovery center. This is absolutely the most challenging job I've ever had. There will be stories.

I've been having fun learning to cook with more ingredients than just rice, pasta, and veggies from the street vendors. A few hits have come out of the the Moosewood Cookbook. This restaurant in Ithaca, NY has not failed me yet. Lemon-tyme bisquits topped with monterey jack cheese and bacon on a foggy saturday morning. We sit on the couch and look out over the bay with fresh coffee in hand. My home right now has a window to watch the water shift colors slightly as the weather changes. Each day it's different and this view never gets old. This spring and summer, I'll keep a record of the variety of colors in the stunning sunsets.

A Noticing

A bumber sticker on a car in the Fred Meyer Parking lot on a friday afternoon at 4pm.

“Love People, Cook them Tasty Food.”

I agree.


  1. Beautiful post, Robin. :-) I'm so glad you and Cameron are one tornado again. :-) I love and respect you both so much. I'm really happy to hang out with you on Monday nights too. You guys make any event even more jolly. :-)

  2. it IS baaaack...dun dun dun. and now i really do have a camera. pics are on their way! BAH! I miss you scott.

  3. thanks for your updates. i'm excited for the work you're doing and for all of the adventures that await! you are an inspiration, dear friend. xoxo.