Friday, March 4, 2011

Staring down a Squirrel

No, this entire post will not be a story about a squirrel. But for some reason a moment yesterday which only lasted about one minutes was the most impactful of the day. I am not good at being sick and yesterday I was sick and at work. Thankfully, it was the sort of day where I could truly just stare at the wall or out the window for a long time before anyone would notice that my mind was completely somewhere other than the Recovery Center. My attention would be shaken back into the moment when some frantic and demanding person walked in with an arsenal of questions. One particular woman caught my attention quickly when, as my coworker was trying to patiently explain a frustrating reality to her...she snapped "Don't SpeaK!" to the sweet girl next to me, behind the counter. We both blinked a few times in shock then I tried to explain to her again the situation as my colleague walked away so she could contain her giggles. Someone could turn the lobby at a drug and alcohol treatment facility into a pretty successful sitcom, I am convinced.

Back to the squirrel. At 4 o'clock, it was time to go home and I was waiting for Cameron to pick me up from work. (We are exploring the idea of far so good). Out on the sidewalk in this little residential neighborhood, I was just pacing, trying to un-fill my mind from the days conversations. A little rustling and squabbling snagged my ear and I looked over at this big squirrel with a full mouth staring right at me. Giving me the sort of look you give someone when they are obviously in your way and you are obviously quite annoyed at them for being there. He must have been a cartoon squirrel to be so expressive and vocal. That look. I was blocking his path to the tree. With a deep sigh and an eye roll (I'm assuming) he went the long way around, gave me a "so there" look and scurried up his apple tree. Those 60 or so seconds of interacting with a squirrel (I told you I am yes, I may have been delusional). brightened my day, shook my mind back into reality and also challenged me to take the time to notice quick moments, sounds, or settings. They can change our mood. They can teach us something. Or at least, some funny moment can remind us to hear others voices. That silent moments are not just for thinking of what to say or do next...they can be times to listen.

Here's a few photos of Texas too! Thanks to my mom and Jeff for an amazing trip. My legs are still peeling from sunshine that got soaked into them (aka, Robin got a sunburn!)

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  1. I'm SO glad you met this cheeky squirrel, Robin. :-) You made me smile so big today. Now I'm looking out of my office window to see if there's anything lovely to cheer my day. :-)