Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tiny Steps towards FUN.

The other day I was asked what my hobbies are. This has always been a hard question for me since many folks excel at a few chosen things; knitting, cooking, photography, etc. I, however have mastered mediocre. A friend and I used to laugh that we were great at trying new things but not getting attached to them. I have tried a lot of hobbies! The ones that have stuck, the ones that I would love to do more of, seem so out of reach now. Travel. This was absolutely my favorite hobby. Quite a pricey one though at times and difficult with full time job and a full house. Kayaking. Also requires a bit of equipment and time. Photography. I've had too many camera's taken from me, or broken to want to step back into this right now. Writing. No excuses here...I just need to do it (hence this blog) Guitar. Always more stressful than fun due to my novice-ness. Running. Last year, I ran a half-marathon and this was the most I've accomplished at a "hobby" in a long time. Now I am starting again...remembering that for it to be a hobby it needs to be just for fun. Doing it for the sake of doing it. Because "it" is enjoyable. What's the missing ingredient? I would argue that it's commitment and practice. Deciding that these fun things are worth spending time and energy on. As I look up at this list...oh man...if I could spend my time doing these things...I would be one HAPPY GIRL! There are people around me that I admire so much who do this. They spend time on the things they love and the results are beautiful. Beautiful creations, experiences, and even more beautiful..the people and the lives that they live. Fun use to come quite easily to me and I had absolutely no problem prioritizing it. Now, that doesn't some so natural. 2014. Here comes the FUN. What is your favorite fun? How to do commit to it when responsibilities compete?

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