Sunday, December 29, 2013


I am writing. Yes. Yes, that is what I am doing. Cam surprised me today and leaked my Christmas present...a new camera! Pictures are so dear and I have been learning the hard way for the past 5 years that God does take away, and He gives. He takes wisely and sovereignly and He gives unabashadley. I have lost many many pictures; of childhood, college adventures, lost loves, and precious times with family. A computer was stolen from my room in South Africa, a camera stolen literally seconds after I put it away but left the case unzipped, a box of photos from growing up lost in transition, a phone full of smiles ans simple moments that were intentionally taken. It's sad. Losing photos is sad. Other things have been lost too, some much more weighty than glossy prints. These I mourn daily. But to stay there? There has also been so much gained! Children, a home, a career, a community, a husband, and just plain gritti-ness of Spirit. There is no doubt that I have life. What the camera also means?? PRETTY PICTURES! We are planning some near-by explorations. You will see bits of them!

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